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Update #13 - Ectofuntus and QoL fixes


Staff member
Mar 25, 2020
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Hello everyone. Here are todays updates:
  • Moved teleport location of Ectophial to Ectofuntus
  • Added Bonecrusher
  • Added Ectofuntus functionality
    • Includes gathering buckets of slime, grinding bones to bonemeal and praying to the Ectofuntus for Ecto-tokens and prayer experience
  • Added north yanille shortcut
  • Began achievement diary system, only missing the different diary entries.
  • Fixed energy barriers to port phasmatys
  • It is now possible to make boots of brimstone
  • It is now possible to make Bonecrusher necklace
  • Fixed items not showing on certain interfaces

Revenant cave fixes
  • added drop tables to black dragons in rev caves
  • Added drop tables to ice giants in rev caves
  • Added drop tables to black demons in rev caves
  • Added drop tables to lesser demons in rev caves
  • Added drop tables to greater demons in rev caves
Achievement Diary system:
Currently this is what I have been spending my time on. I am working on adding full functionality for all the diaries and their entries, which takes quite some time. Be sure to follow the updates on this on discord!

Thank you for reading :)

- Lost